Shioshishio (シオシシオ) is a village located in the sea protected by Uroko-sama. It is one of the fourteen sea villages around Japan.


Shioshishio is a lively village in the sea with houses, shops, and formally schools. It is the home to humans who have ena, like Hikari, Manaka, Kaname, and Chisaki which help them live underwater.



Since the sea god's power was decreasing, the people of the sea had to get ready for hibernation, in order for him to gain his powers back. Once hibernation started, salt flake snow started to cover Shioshishio entirely.

After HibernationEdit

After the second Ofunehiki, the saltflake snow started to thaw when the Sea God became calm again. It then became a lively town again with some people still hibernation, but most awake.