Gender Female
Personal Status
Status Deceased

Ojoshi-sama (おじょし様) is the woman who was sacrifice in order to calm the Sea God.


Ojoshi-sama was a frail looking woman with freckles everywhere on her face, and her body was weak. She had black hair and wore a kimono.


The Ojoshi-sama is given as a sacrifice to the Sea God but he ends up falling in love with her. She found happiness being with the Sea God and raising her children along with him. Feeling guilty for taking her away from the one she had loved previously, the Sea God felt that she’d have been happier back on the surface, sending her back to the surface.


Sea GodEdit

She was the woman sacrificed in order to calm him and the one who he fell in love with. She also was in love with him but he did not know of these feelings of hers and stole them away, becoming the lulled sea of her heart. But, Ojoshi-sama didn’t want for any of that to happen, treasuring her feelings of her previous lover as well as her memories with the Sea God.