Episode 5 - "Hey, Sea Slug"
Tomori tells Akari to give up on Itaru.
Season 1, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date October 31, 2013
Written by Mari Okada
Directed by Toshiya Shinohara
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Hey, Sea Slug... is the 5th episode of the Nagi no Asu Kara anime. It aired on October 31, 2013.


Hikari wakes up with Akari making breakfast for the family. Hikari heads out to go to school leaving Akari behind. Tomori tells Akari to give up on her boyfriend, which she agrees. 

Still depressed with what happened, Chisaki does not join her friends on their way to school and when she finally leaves and then he met Tsumugu on the way. Chisaki confesses to Tsumugu on how she was in love with Hikari but she didn't know that Manaka was already listening behind them. 

Manaka overhears Tsumugu and Chisaki's conversation.

Class begin with dancing. HIkari and Chisaki partner up, much to Chisaki embarrassment. This makes Manaka worry about Chisaki because Chisaki is in love with Hikari but she is denying it by saying that Hikari is spells sweaty and doesn't want to be close to him.

Chisaki and Hikari dancing.

Meanwhile, Akari breaks up for good with Itaru, claiming that she would never replace Miuna's mother in her heart. However, Akari learns later that Miuna diappeared and after warning Hikari about it, he and his friends manage to find her. Claiming to his sister that they will take care of her for the night, Hikari and the comany have dinner with Miuna and after the others leave home. Miuna confesses to Hikari that she always liked Akari, but rejects her out of fear of one day losing her just like it happened with her mother and Hikari manages to cheer her up. Hikari tells Miuna she may be right about it being easier to not love someone, but he also thinks it's not wrong or useless to love someone.

Miuna then asks Hikari to help her with the gum message on the wall of Saya Market. Instead of saying "go away", it says "don't go away". In the next day, a worried Akari finds Hikari and Miuna sleeping peacefully beside each other and reconciles with her. saying she will never go away.



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