Episode 26 - "The Color Of The Sea. The Color Of The Land. The Color Of The Wind. The Color Of The Heart. The Color Of You. ~Earth color of a calm~"
Manaka and Hikari watch the Sea together
Season 2, Episode 26
Vital statistics
Air date April 3, 2014
Written by Mari Okada
Directed by Toshiya Shinohara
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The Color Of The Sea. The Color Of The Land. The Color Of The Wind. The Color Of The Heart. The Color Of You. ~Earth color of a calm~ is the 26th and final episode of the Nagi no Asu Kara anime. It aired on April 3rd, 2014.


As Manaka is brought back to the surface, it is revealed that her feelings for Hikari returned along with her Ena, thanks to her connection with Miuna as both are in love with him. It is also revealed that actually the Sea God had taken away the original Ojoshi's feelings fearing that she would suffer upon knowing the fate of her beloved one. Meanwhile at the grave of the Ojoshi, Hikari attempts to break Miuna free without success and Tsumugu looks for help, meeting Uroko in the occasion. Blaming himself for not realizing her feeling for him sooner, Hikari offers his own feelings to calm down the Sea God, and much to everyone's surprise the Sacred Flame reacts, burning away the entire grave as Hikari finally rescues Miuna. According to Uroko, the Sea God had finally realized that despite she was still in love with the man she left behind at the surface, the Ojoshi also treasured her feelings for the Sea God and their children, and when that happens, the sea starts moving again, and the residents of Shioshishio start awakening, beginning with Hikari's father, who greets Miuna and reveals that he was hearing when Hikari told him about Akira, claiming that he wants to see his grandson as possible. As more and more residents of Shishishio awaken, life returns to the sea village and Akira, who now gained Ena just like his sister, dives into the sea to pick up Manaka as she leaves to school, but they have a short meeting with Tsumugu, who is about to return to the university. Fishing resumes at the sea with the end of the calm, and Uroko points out that the Saltflake Snow has stopped falling, as a sign that the cooling of the planet was halted. In the last scene, Hikari and Manaka watch the sea together, now certain of their feelings for each other. 


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