Atsushi Minegishi
Age 14
Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation Student
Status Active
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 14

Atsushi Minegishi (峰岸 淳 Minegishi Atsushi) is a friend of Miuna Shiotome and is in love with her.


Atsushi has brown hair and eyes and wears his regular school uniform.


Minegishi is shy, understanding, thoughtful, polite, and kind. Minegishi is very timid and has lacked of self-confidence. However, he is shown to be a very hard worker, straightforward, and blunt at times.


Miuna ShiotomeEdit

After the timeskip, Minegishi confesses to Miuna that he is in love with her but she turns him down, saying she is in love with someone else. Whe HIkari wakes up and starts attending school again, Minegishi realizes that Miuna is in love with Hikari. He tells her that it doesn't matter if she is his niece in law and he is her uncle and sorry for butting in. But, he is still in love with Miuna saying that she is more beautiful after the second Ofunehiki.