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Akira Shiodome
Character 20.png
Age 4
Gender Male
Eye colour Light grey-blue
Hair colour Black
Personal Status
Status Alive
Family Itaru Shiodome (Father)
Akari Sakishima (Mother)
Miori Shiodome (Miuna's mother - Deceased)
Miuna Shiodome (Older half-sister)
Hikari Sakishima (Uncle)
Tomori Sakishima (Grandfather)
Hokage Sakishima (Grandmother - Deceased)
Friends/Allies Manaka Mukaido
Chisaki Hiradaira
Kaname Isaki
Tsumugu Kihara
Sayu Hisanuma
Sayama Shun
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 1, Chapter 14
Anime Debut Episode 14: "The Promised Day"
Japanese Voice Shizuka Ishigami
English Voice Wendee Lee

Akira Shiodome ( (しお) () (あきら) Shiodome Akira?) is the son of Itaru Shiodome and Akari Sakishima and the younger half-brother of Miuna Shiodome.


Akira is a small black-haired 4-year old boy.

He tends to wear a blue sweater with a yellow stripe going down his arm paired with blue pants and yellow sneakers. In the last scene, he is also shown having Ena.


Akira is a very mysterious boy who only listens to Miuna Shiodome, but he is shown to be very shy and timid who lacked in confidence when he tried to confess to Manaka Mukaido that he likes her by a note. But after Manaka thanks him, he gains the confidence he needed.


Two years after the Ofunehiki, Itaru Shiodome and Akari Sakishima had Akira.


Manaka Mukaido[]

After Manaka awaken, the two often played together. When Akira was at kindergarten, he made a letter saying he loved Manaka, but she rejected him because she didn't understand what love was.


  • The name Akira means "clear, bright, " (晃).
  • Akira's surname Shiodome means "tide, ebb, opportunity" (潮) (shio) and "detain, fasten, halt, stop" (留) (tome/dome), which literally means "halt the tides" altogether.