Akari Sakishima

Character 08

Character 18

Age 20

25 (After time skip)

Gender Female
Height 168cm
Personal Status
Relatives Hikari Sakishima (Younger Brother)
Tomori Sakishima (Father)
Miuna Shiotome (Step Daughter)
Itaru Shiotome (Husband)
Akira Shiotome (Son)
Status Active
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Kaori Nazuka
English Voice Erica Mendez
Akari Sakishima (潮留 あかり) is the older sister of Hikari Sakishima and the daughter of Tomori Sakishima. Akari is also the current wife of Itaru Shiotome, the mother of Akira Shiotome and the stepmother of Miuna Shiodome.


Before the time skip, Akari had short light brown hair with small curls in the front and square bangs that covers her eyebrows. She has blue eyes from ocean origins like Hikari Sakishima, Manaka Mukaido, Chisaki Hiradaira, Kaname Isaki, and Miori Shiotome. She wears a light pink top with light short blue jeans and light blue and white shoes.

After the time skip her hair got longer, which is now in a small ponytail. She now wears a dark colored pink sweater, with long dark blue jeans, and light brown shoes. She also wears a seashell necklace that Miuna Shiodome made for her as a present.


Akari is shown to be a kind, cheerful, and compassionate woman. After her mother dies, Akari has starts to grow up and take responsibility for her actions. As Hikari's sister, she encourages and supports him, often teasing him about his feelings for Manaka.


When Akari was young, she wanted to become a manga artist and then go to school on the surface for it. But, after her mom passed away, she started to act like a grown up who wasn't crying even though she was still young. In order to make enough money so that Hikari can go to college, she starts to work at Saya Mart.


Itaru ShiotomeEdit

Akari was good friends with Itaru's wife, Miori Shiotome, who came to the surface and had Miuna Shiodome. However, after Miori passed away, Akari started looking after the small family. She then started to have a relationship with Itaru who also married him, which resulted in having Akira Shiotome.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Akari means "bright" and "vermilion red" (aka) and "village" or "white jasmine" (ri).